Clyde's Garden Planner

Clyde's Garden Planner is a handy, easy to use, vegetable planting slide chart for the home and hobby gardener. This unique Vegetable Planting Chart, comes with local frost dates, and presents gardening events in a "time phased" format so that it is possible to see at a glance the entire vegetable planting, growing and harvesting period. Chart shows indoor and outdoor planting times relative to spring and fall frost dates for 22 common Garden Vegetables. This chart will save you hours of research, and greatly increase your chances of having a successful vegetable garden by avoiding the frost.

Since frost dates vary from region to region, the frost line slides, making this Slide Chart useful in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere - where frost is a critical gardening factor. The front of chart shows the spring season, and the flip side is a guide for fall gardeners - have a fall vegetable garden this year! Frost dates for a large number of North American cities are included in the directions.

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iPhone app

Clyde's Garden Planner for iOS

Finally, the popular Clyde's Garden Planner is available on your mobile devices! With Clyde's Garden Planner for iOS all your vegetable planting activities are displayed in a "time phased" format relative to your local frost dates. Plus, many new features coming throughout the year!

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Support for the App

For app help and feedback oportunities visit our support page. Whether its feature requests or bug reports, we want to hear from YOU! Click here to go to the support page.

Clyde's Vegetable Planting Blog

Clyde's vegetable planting blog is a growing resource of gardening tips and video tutorials. Clyde has been passionate about gardening for the past 20 years; his blog contains friendly advice for both new and experienced gardeners alike.

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Customize Clyde's Garden Planner for your business or organization!

Clyde's Garden Planner can be customized and used as a promotional item for almost any gardening related organization. Your organization's logo and contact information, such as street address, web address, phone number, e-mail etc., can be printed on the chart. Each time the chart is used, it reminds them of your group. Contact Clyde for more information.

Vegetable Garden Starter Kits

Clyde's Vegetable Garden Starter Kits are great for both: new gardeners, not sure what vegetables to plant, as well as veteran gardeners, looking for a one stop seed purchase for the whole garden.

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Frosted Plant Image

Frosted Plant Image

Find your average frost date!

Don't know your average frost date? Clyde's Garden Planner provides average frost dates for major North American cities. Use these dates along with Clyde's Garden Planner to determine the planting times for your vegetable garden!

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