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Clyde's Garden Planner for iOS is now available from the App Store for only $2.99! Get yours today! Price is subject to change as new features/improvements are added to the app.

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Frost Dates

Don't know your local frost dates? The frost dates provided by our frost date lookup tool are based on the past 10+ years of temperature data from the NOAA. Currently Clyde's Garden Planner for iOS only supports manual frost date entry, but an update is in the works!

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For app help and feedback oportunities visit our support page. Clyde's Garden Planner for iOS is still in its infancy and we would love for you to contribute to the project with feedback. Whether its feature requests or bug reports, we want to hear from YOU!

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Clyde's Garden Planner for iOS. Finally!

Finally, the popular Clyde's Garden Planner is available on your mobile devices! With Clyde's Garden Planner for iOS all your vegetable planting activities are displayed in a "time phased" format relative to your local frost dates. Plus, many new features coming throughout the year!

Version 1.0 Features

Clyde's Garden Planner on the iPad. Bigger Screen, better.

Clyde's Garden Planner for iOS is also availible on the iPad. With the extra screen real estate it is like holding an original Clyde's Garden Planner in your hand. Clyde's Garden Planner for iOS is a universal app that supports iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad® devices.

Clyde's Garden Planner. Classic.

Clyde developed the chart back in the late '90s while planning his own garden and the same printed version is still availible today.

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