Vegetable Garden Starter Kits

Clyde's Vegetable Garden Starter Kits are great for both: new gardeners, not sure what vegetables to plant, as well as veteran gardeners, looking for a one stop seed purchase for the whole garden. Each kit contains Clyde's Garden Planner, along with a variety of the highest quality open-pollinated vegetable seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Are you or someone you know new to vegetable gardening? With one of Clyde’s Gardening Starter Kits you can be well on your way to a beautiful and diverse vegetable garden in no time! Simply use the included Clyde’s Garden Planner to tell when to plant the included heirloom vegetable seeds!

Clyde's Garden Starter Kits come in two convienient sizes!

Picture of Clyde's Large Vegetable Garden Starter Kit Picture of Clyde's Small Vegetable Garden Starter Kit