Clyde's Chart Demo for Home Gardeners

This Video Demo explains Clyde's Veggie Planting Slide Chart which provides indoor/outdoor planting dates, planting data, harvest dates, sunlight requirements, expected qty of produce, and companion plants...for both spring and fall gardening.

Clydes Chart Video for Retail Stores

This video demonstrates Clyde's Garden Planner, and explains how it can be Customized for use as a highly effective promotional item in retail Garden Centers, Hardware Stores, Green Houses, and for local Seed Providers.

Clyde's Interview with Paul Wallace

Paul Wallace of Baker Creek Seeds interviews Clyde and gets a full demo of the garden planner.

Clyde's Garden Planner TV Commercial

See the TV commercial developed for Clyde's Garden Planner. The commercial ran locally in 2011.

Clyde's Garden Planner Demo

In this video Clyde gives a full demonstration of the chart along with guidance for its use.

Clyde's Sales Pitch

Give Clyde 30 seconds to show you how the planner can help you have a successful garden!